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Payment and Sale Terms

For the Credit-Card Authorization Form for order deposits click here.

Special Order Items

Special Order items (items which are not currently stocked either by ATIC or its distributors in Canada) have no definitive estimated timeframes to order (typically 2-4 weeks, but in some cases much longer), and the pricing will be based on the last known market price, which may change dramatically between when the order is placed and when the item comes in. Please note that placing an order for a special order item requires your acknowledgment of these issues, and that, once placed, special order items can only be canceled upon agreement by ATIC and ATIC's distributors.

If you are not prepared to wait for your order to come in, and are not willing to pay the price of the item upon its arrival, please do not place an order for a special order item, but instead look for an alternative item which is in-stock.

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Price Adjustments on Non-Stock Items

Due to changes in shipping policies and large fluctuations in the exchange rate over the past several months, all orders for non-stock items will be subject to price corrections upon arrival. ATIC will endeavor to retain the same price that your original order was placed for whenever possible, but in some circumstances, due to additional shipping fees and fluctuations in the exchange rate, the price may change up to 20% by the time your order arrives.

Please note that your agreement to place an order counts as agreement to pay the additional amount should the price change when your order arrives. If the price increase is above 20%, we will contact you to let you know and verify the order prior to placing the order.

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Payment by CertaPay Email Money Transfer

Unfortunately, due to security issues with CertaPay and online banking in general, we are at this time no longer able to accept CertaPay transactions.

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Payment by Money Order, Certified Cheque, or Bank Draft

Orders made by Money Order, Certified Cheque, or Bank Draft are accepted. ; Please note that all payments must be verified prior to releasing equipment for shipping. ; If there are any questions with your payment, we reserve the right to delay your order until our bank can give confirmation on your payment.

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Payment by Cash or Debit Card (Interac)

ATIC Computers only accepts payment by cash or debit card (Interac) in-store, due to inability to process debit cards by phone or online, and that cash is not safe to send via Post. ; If you wish to pay by cash, we strongly recommend getting a Money Order done up at your local bank, post office, or Western Union.

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Payment by Credit Card

ATIC Computers now accepts credit card payments online using either MasterCard or VISA. For orders that are being shipped out, we accept credit card payments through the Moneris online Hosted PayPage system. This is a secure transaction system hosted by Moneris, one of the largest Merchant Services Providers in Canada. Please note that we can only ship your orders to the billing address of your credit card. As well, customers not using the Verified by VISA system will be contacted by our staff to verify the card information so that we can verify the billing address through the credit card company.
Please note that ATIC does not provide tracking numbers for orders paid for by credit card online for security purposes. If you have any inquiries into the status of your shipment, please feel free to contact us at and we will let you know the progress of your shipment.
For orders being picked up in-store and paid for by VISA or MasterCard, the card and cardholder must be present in-store at time of pickup. All cardholders must present picture ID and we must verify the signature on the card. For orders over $500.00, we may require telephone verification of your address by VISA or MasterCard. At this time we are not accepting any credit cards other than VISA or MasterCard in-store.

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Why we Cannot Accept Credit-Cards by phone, email, or fax

Use of credit-cards by phone, email, and fax is extremely insecure, and is subject to abuse by fraud artists. It is difficult to trace back email, phone calls, and faxes, and nearly impossible to determine point of origin.

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Inaccurate/Incorrect Orders

ATIC Computers reserves the right to cancel any orders that have errors within them, regardless of origin of the error. ; If there is an error in pricing, or an error based on a product description, or an error in compatibility, ATIC will claim no responsibility in regards to the order, and only offers cancellation of the order as an acceptable resolution, unless otherwise specifically stated.

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Returns & Refunds

ATIC Computers will only accept returns for store credit, and will only accept returns on specific items. Returns will not be accepted under any of the following circumstances :
1) Item is opened and/or used.
2) Packaging has been damaged or altered.
3) Item is for specific purpose (particular to a system, peripheral, or application - ie : memory for a specific notebook, ink cartridge for a specific printer).
4) Item is valued at over $500.00CAD.
5) Item is a computer system or notebook.
ATIC Computers may be willing to make exceptions to these circumstances, but all exceptions are done on a case-by-case basis, and are at the sole discretion of ATIC Computers. In all circumstances, any shipping charges, service charges, labour charges, etc, will not be refunded.
Refunds are only issued for cash, debit, cheque/money order transactions, within the first 7 days of the transaction being completed.
Store credit will be issued for all credit-card transactions, or any returns accepted between 7 days and 15 days from the date of transaction.
No refunds or store credit will be issued for any returns that are not processed within 15 days of the date of transaction.

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Deposits on Orders

Please note that deposits on systems and special orders (15% / Minimum $100 for systems, $20 for special order items) are non-refundable unless agreed upon by ATIC management. Deposits are required to order in any item not in-stock, or to assemble any system. These deposits are required to recover cost of labour, depreciation in value of equipment used, or stock balancing fees charged by distributors.

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Defective/Incompatible Products

ATIC Computers does not handle service or support for retail box products. All requests for service, exchanges, or other issues with a retail box product must first be brought to the attention of the manufacturer. Only in situations where the manufacturer informs you to bring the product back to us for servicing will ATIC Computers accept the product. You must have a case number or RA/RMA number from the manufacturer prior to contacting us in regards to this.
No returns or exchanges are accepted for products that are incompatible with other products you may be using (even if purchased on the same invoice), or for products that do not meet expectations or fulfill specific requirements, even if the product manufacturer makes claims that they should.

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Shipping Rates and Insurance

All shipping rates from ATIC Computers are based on current rates from our courier companies, based on shipping weight (dimensional/volume). Insurance (2.05%) and GST (5%) is also included in the shipping rate. Please note that the insurance is a mandatory condition of any shipment originated by ATIC Computers, and is strongly recommended for all third-party shipments.
Please note that if your shipment is redirected to an address other than the one specified to us, you will be billed an additional $10.00 handling fee.
Please note that shipments that are paid for by credit-card online must originate from ATIC Computers, and the tracking number will not be given to the customer for security purposes.

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Shipping on orders must be prepaid.  We do not ship on accounts.
Please note that online orders currently do not handle shipments outside of Canada.
For shipments outside of Canada, please email

120 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1P3

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