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Controllers - Intel

SKU : 106725         Mfg. Part No. : RMS25CB080

Intel 8-port SAS/SATA Raid-0/1/5/6/10/1E/50/60 Module 1M-cache ( for Server w/SIMC Connector)

Intel SIMC 8-port SAS/SATA Module - LSI2208 Raid-0/1/5/6/10/1E/JBOD/50/60 Mainstream-level Hardware raid - 1MB Cache & MegaRaid firmware - used for Server motherboards which has SMIC ( Storage IO Module Connector) - 8-Port SAS 6.0 Raid Module for SIMC Controller - 3 Year Depot Carry-In Mfg. Warranty

Price : $620.00* Qty.  

(* - Cash Discounted Price (Reg. $638.60))

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB080
Delivers 8 x 6Gb/s SAS Ports
with a LSI2208 RAID-On-Chip processor, 1GB DDR3 memory and MegaRAID*-
based firmware. Applicable for Intel® Server Boards with a Storage I/O Module

Mainstream RAID offers advanced application acceleration technology delivered
to both add-in cards and modules with advanced firmware, drivers, utilities and
management software. Mainstream RAID cards have onboard capabilities to perform
parity generation (RAID levels 5/6/50/60) and RAID recovery operations, as well as
data, memory and bus management. The following solutions are recommended for
most customers desiring a mainstream solution


Controller Type :
8-Port SAS 6.0 Raid Module for SIMC
Warranty :
3 Year Depot Carry-In Mfg. Warranty
Shipping Weight :
1.00 KG
Product Description Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB080 - storage controller (RAID) - SATA 3Gb/s / SAS 6.0 - iNTEL Storage IO Module Connector
Type Storage controller (RAID)
Interface Type Storage IO Module Connector
Interface SATA 3Gb/s / SAS 6.0 Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate 6 GBps
Buffer Size 1 GB DDR3 Cache
Supported Devices Disk array (RAID)
Channel Qty 8
Max Storage Devices Qty 128
RAID Level RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 60

Designed For

Server Board DBS2600, S2600; Server System P4208, P4216, P4308, R1208, R1304, R2208, R2208GZ4GC10, R2216, R2224, R2308, R2312; Workstation Board W2600; Workstation System P4304

120 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1P3

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