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Memory : Notebooks - Kingston

SKU : 66268         Mfg. Part No. : KVR800D2S6/2G


2GB Module - DDR2 SO-DIMM - Non-ECC - Unbuffered - 800MT/s - PC2-6400 - 6ns CAS Latency - 1.8V - See Notes for Compatibility - Lifetime Depot Carry-In Mfg. Warranty

Price : $45.00* Qty.  

(* - Cash Discounted Price (Reg. $46.35))

Size (GB) :
Module or Kit :
Memory Type :
Buffered :
Speed (Data Rate MT/s) :
Speed (Transfer Rate MB/s) :
Module Name :
CAS Latency (ns) :
Voltage (V) :
Component Size (M) :
Bit Depth :
Special Features :
See Notes for Compatibility
Warranty :
Lifetime Depot Carry-In Mfg. Warranty
Shipping Weight :
0.10 KG

Compatible with :


AOpen - Digital Engine DE45-HG 
AOpen - Digital Engine DEX4501 
AOpen - i45GMt-HD Motherboard 
AOpen - MP45-BDR Series 
AOpen - MP45-D Series 
AOpen - MP45-DR Series 
AOpen - MP45-DU Series 
AOpen - nMCP7ASt-V Motherboard 
AOpen - nMCP7AUt-V Motherboard 
ASRock - Mini PC ION 330-BD 
ASRock - Mini PC ION 330HT 
ASRock - Mini PC ION 330HT-BD 
ASRock - Mini PC ION 330HT/W7HP 
ASRock - Mini PC ION 330Pro 
ASUS/ASmobile - B50 Notebook B50A 
ASUS/ASmobile - B80 Notebook B80A 
ASUS/ASmobile - Bamboo Notebook U6V 
ASUS/ASmobile - CM Desktop Essentio CM5540 
ASUS/ASmobile - CS Desktop Essentio CS5111-AP008 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1000 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1000H / 1000HA 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1000HD 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1000HE 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1001HA (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1001P (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1001PQ 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1001PX (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1002HA 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1003HAG 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1005HA (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1005HAB 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1005HAG (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1005P (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1005PE (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1008P (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1015P / 1015PE (Seashell) 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1015PEB 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1018PB 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1101HA 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1201HA 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1201N 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1201NL 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1201PN 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 1201T 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 702 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 901 / 901 XP 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 904HA 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC 904HD XP 
ASUS/ASmobile - EEE PC Disney Netpal Mk90 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC S101 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC S101H 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC T91 
ASUS/ASmobile - Eee PC T91MT 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeBox PC EB1007 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeBox PC EB1012 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeBox PC EB1012/EB1012U/EB1012P 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeBox PC EB1501 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeBox PC EB1502 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET1602 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET1610PT 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2002 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2002T 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2010P 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2010PN 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2010PNT 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2203 
ASUS/ASmobile - EeeTop PC ET2203T 
ASUS/ASmobile - F3Q Notebook F3Q 
ASUS/ASmobile - F5 Notebook F5GL 
ASUS/ASmobile - F5 Notebook F5Sr 
ASUS/ASmobile - F50 Notebook F50Gx 
ASUS/ASmobile - F50 Notebook F50Q 
ASUS/ASmobile - F50 Notebook F50Sf 
ASUS/ASmobile - F50 Notebook F50Sv 
ASUS/ASmobile - F50 Notebook F50Z 
ASUS/ASmobile - F52 Notebook F52A 
ASUS/ASmobile - F52 Notebook F52Q 
ASUS/ASmobile - F6 Notebook F6A 
ASUS/ASmobile - F6 Notebook F6V 
ASUS/ASmobile - F6 Notebook F6V Multi-Color 
ASUS/ASmobile - F6 Notebook F6Ve 
ASUS/ASmobile - F70 Notebook F70SL 
ASUS/ASmobile - F8 Notebook F8Tr 
ASUS/ASmobile - F8 Notebook F8Va 
ASUS/ASmobile - F8 Notebook F8Vr 
ASUS/ASmobile - F80 Notebook F80Cr 
ASUS/ASmobile - F82 Notebook F82Q 
ASUS/ASmobile - F83 Notebook F83Se 
ASUS/ASmobile - F83 Notebook F83T 
ASUS/ASmobile - G50 Notebook G50V 
ASUS/ASmobile - G50 Notebook G50Vm 
ASUS/ASmobile - G50 Notebook G50Vt 
ASUS/ASmobile - G51 Notebook G51Vx 
ASUS/ASmobile - G60 Notebook G60Vx 
ASUS/ASmobile - G71 Notebook G71G 
ASUS/ASmobile - G71 Notebook G71Gx 
ASUS/ASmobile - G71 Notebook G71V 
ASUS/ASmobile - G72 Notebook G72Gx 
ASUS/ASmobile - K40 Notebook K40AB 
ASUS/ASmobile - K40 Notebook K40AE 
ASUS/ASmobile - K40 Notebook K40C 
ASUS/ASmobile - K40 Notebook K40IJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - K40 Notebook K40IN 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50AB 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50AD 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50AF 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50C 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50IJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50IN 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K50IP 
ASUS/ASmobile - K50 Notebook K5AB 
ASUS/ASmobile - K51 Notebook K51AC 
ASUS/ASmobile - K51 Notebook K51AE 
ASUS/ASmobile - K61 Notebook K61IC 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70AB 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70AC 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70AD 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70AE 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70AF 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70IC 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70IJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - K70 Notebook K70IO 
ASUS/ASmobile - M50 Notebook M50Vc 
ASUS/ASmobile - M50 Notebook M50Vm 
ASUS/ASmobile - M50 Notebook M50Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - M51 Notebook M51A 
ASUS/ASmobile - M51 Notebook M51Ta 
ASUS/ASmobile - M51 Notebook M51Tr 
ASUS/ASmobile - M51 Notebook M51Va 
ASUS/ASmobile - M51 Notebook M51Vr 
ASUS/ASmobile - M60 Notebook M60Vp 
ASUS/ASmobile - M70 Notebook M70T 
ASUS/ASmobile - M70 Notebook M70Vm 
ASUS/ASmobile - M70 Notebook M70Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - M70 Notebook M70Vr 
ASUS/ASmobile - N10 Notebook N10Jh 
ASUS/ASmobile - N20 Notebook N20A 
ASUS/ASmobile - N50 Notebook N50Vc 
ASUS/ASmobile - N50 Notebook N50Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - N51 Notebook N51Tp 
ASUS/ASmobile - N51 Notebook N51Vf 
ASUS/ASmobile - N51 Notebook N51Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - N51 Notebook N51Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - N60 Notebook N60Dp 
ASUS/ASmobile - N61 Notebook N61Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - N70 Notebook N70Sv 
ASUS/ASmobile - N71 Notebook N71Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - N80 Notebook N80Vc 
ASUS/ASmobile - N80 Notebook N80Vn / N80Vn (LED) 
ASUS/ASmobile - N81 Notebook N81Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - N81 Notebook N81Vp 
ASUS/ASmobile - N90 Notebook N90Sc 
ASUS/ASmobile - N90 Notebook N90Sv 
ASUS/ASmobile - P50 Notebook P50IJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - P80 Notebook P80Vc 
ASUS/ASmobile - P81 Notebook P81IJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro23 Notebook Notebook 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro5 Notebook Pro5DIJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro5 Notebook Pro5DIN 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro50 Notebook Pro50GL-AP059C 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro60 Notebook Pro60 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro8 Notebook Pro8BIJ 
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro8 Notebook Pro8BIN 
ASUS/ASmobile - TS Server TS Mini 
ASUS/ASmobile - U20 Notebook U20A 
ASUS/ASmobile - U50 Notebook U50Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - U6 Notebook U6Vc 
ASUS/ASmobile - U80 Notebook U80V 
ASUS/ASmobile - UL20 Notebook UL20A 
ASUS/ASmobile - UL50 Notebook UL50Ag 
ASUS/ASmobile - UL50 Notebook UL50Vg 
ASUS/ASmobile - UL80 Notebook UL80Ag 
ASUS/ASmobile - UX30 Notebook UX30 
ASUS/ASmobile - UX50 Notebook UX50V 
ASUS/ASmobile - V1 Notebook V1V 
ASUS/ASmobile - W90 Notebook W90V 
ASUS/ASmobile - W90 Notebook W90Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - W90 Notebook W90Vp 
ASUS/ASmobile - X50 Notebook X50SR 
ASUS/ASmobile - X58 Notebook X58C 
ASUS/ASmobile - X61 Notebook X61SL 
ASUS/ASmobile - X71 Notebook X71A 
ASUS/ASmobile - X71 Notebook X71Q 
ASUS/ASmobile - X71 Notebook X71TL 
ASUS/ASmobile - X71 Notebook X71Tp 
ASUS/ASmobile - X71 Notebook X71Vn 
ASUS/ASmobile - X80 Notebook X80Z 
BCM - MX45GM Motherboard 
BCM - MX690E2 Motherboard 
BCM - MX945GSE Motherboard 
BCM - MX945GSE3 Motherboard 
BCM - NX530Z Motherboard 
BenQ - nScreen i221 
Clevo - Desktop L390T 
Clevo - Notebook D900C 
Clevo - Notebook M725T 
Clevo - Notebook M728T 
Clevo - Notebook M729T 
Clevo - Notebook M72T Series 
Clevo - Notebook M730T 
Clevo - Notebook M731T 
Clevo - Notebook M735T 
Clevo - Notebook M738T 
Clevo - Notebook M740J 
Clevo - Notebook M740JU 
Clevo - Notebook M740T 
Clevo - Notebook M740TU / M740TUN 
Clevo - Notebook M741J 
Clevo - Notebook M741T 
Clevo - Notebook M741TU / M741TUN 
Clevo - Notebook M745J 
Clevo - Notebook M745JU 
Clevo - Notebook M745T 
Clevo - Notebook M745TU / M745TUN 
Clevo - Notebook M746J 
Clevo - Notebook M746JU 
Clevo - Notebook M746T 
Clevo - Notebook M746TU / M746TUN 
Clevo - Notebook M760JU 
Clevo - Notebook M760T 
Clevo - Notebook M760TU 
Clevo - Notebook M761JU 
Clevo - Notebook M761T 
Clevo - Notebook M761TU 
Clevo - Notebook M762JU 
Clevo - Notebook M762T 
Clevo - Notebook M762TU 
Clevo - Notebook M765JU 
Clevo - Notebook M765T 
Clevo - Notebook M765TU 
Clevo - Notebook M766JU 
Clevo - Notebook M766T 
Clevo - Notebook M766TU 
Clevo - Notebook M767JU 
Clevo - Notebook M767T 
Clevo - Notebook M767TU 
Clevo - Notebook M770K 
Clevo - Notebook M771K 
Clevo - Notebook M775K 
Clevo - Notebook TN120T 
Clevo - Notebook TN121T 
Clevo - Notebook W760TH 
DFI - AM300-BF Motherboard 
DFI - CA230-BF Mini DTX Board 
EliteGroup (ECS) - MD110 NetTop 
eMachines - E Series Notebook E725 
eMachines - E Series Notebook eME720-4691 
FIC - 13.3W Series MY031 Notebook 
FIC - 14.1W Series MY040 Notebook 
FIC - 14.1W Series PY640 Notebook 
FIC - 14.1W Series TY640 Notebook 
FIC - 15.4W Series MY050 Notebook 
FIC - VME40/VME41 Notebook 
FIC - VME50/VME51 Notebook 
Foxconn - Nettop nT410 
Foxconn - Nettop NT525 
Foxconn - NT-330I-0H0W-B-NA Motherboard 
Gigabyte - W476M Notebook 
Gigabyte - W476V Notebook 
Gigabyte - W576V Notebook 
Intel - D945GSEJT Motherboard 
MSI - Desktop Quartz G31 
MSI - Industrial PC MS-9A08 
MSI - Notebook CR400 
MSI - Notebook CR500 
MSI - Notebook CR600 
MSI - Notebook CR610 
MSI - Notebook CR700 
MSI - Notebook CX500 
MSI - Notebook CX500DX 
MSI - Notebook CX605 
MSI - Notebook CX705 
MSI - Notebook EX300 
MSI - Notebook EX310 
MSI - Notebook EX460 
MSI - Notebook EX465 
MSI - Notebook EX465MX 
MSI - Notebook EX620 
MSI - Notebook EX623 
MSI - Notebook EX625 
MSI - Notebook EX627 
MSI - Notebook EX628 
MSI - Notebook EX630 
MSI - Notebook EX720 
MSI - Notebook EX723 
MSI - Notebook GT725 
MSI - Notebook GT735 
MSI - Notebook GX400 
MSI - Notebook GX630 
MSI - Notebook GX633 
MSI - Notebook GX720 
MSI - Notebook GX720 (MS-1722 ID1) 
MSI - Notebook GX723 
MSI - Notebook GX730 
MSI - Notebook GX733 
MSI - Notebook MS-1361 Whitebook 
MSI - Notebook PR201 
MSI - Notebook PR211 
MSI - Notebook PR211 YA Edition 
MSI - Notebook PR420 
MSI - Notebook PR601 
MSI - Notebook PX200 
MSI - Notebook PX210 
MSI - Notebook PX211 
MSI - Notebook VR430 
MSI - Notebook VR602 
MSI - Notebook VR630 
MSI - Notebook VR705 
MSI - Notebook Wind12 U200 
MSI - Notebook Wind12 U230 (MS-1243) 
MSI - Notebook X320 
MSI - Notebook X340 
MSI - Notebook X600 
MSI - Notebook X600 Pro 
MSI - Whitebook MS-1242 
MSI - Whitebook MS-163K 
MSI - Whitebook MS-1644 
MSI - Whitebook MS-1682 
MSI - Whitebook MS-1734 
MSI - Wind Box DC220 
MSI - Wind Box DC500 
MSI - Wind Box DE200 
MSI - Wind Box DE220 
MSI - Wind Box DE500 
MSI - Wind Nettop MS-6676 
MSI - Wind Top AE1900 
MSI - Wind Top AE2010 
MSI - Wind Top AE2020 
MSI - Wind Top AE2050 
MSI - Wind Top AE2200 Pro 
MSI - Wind Top AE2220 
MSI - Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi 
MSI - WindPad 100W (DDR2) 
RCA - Aura NS24WR 
Shuttle - X50 Nettop 
Shuttle - XPC X2700 Nettop 
Shuttle - XS35 Nettop 
Shuttle - XS35GT Nettop 

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